Fancy Was Her Name. . .

**First of all, I want to say that I HATE this song, but it accompanies the story so beautifully, I just knew I had to track it down!! It will be GONE tomorrow, believe me!**

My girls are all about being "fancy". Ever since we discovered the Fancy Nancy book series a few months ago, they are ALWAYS wanting to play "fancy" (in the pre-Nancy days we referred to it as "dressup"). Emerson has come up with some of THE funniest little sayings, one being "Hello! Beauty Shop Hotline!" when she answers the phone. They've also been choreographing an elaborate "fancy" dance during the past few nights, and they're always getting into my makeup without my knowledge and telling each other "Oh! You are just gorgeous!" STINKERS!!
Well, my cousin Katie stopped by this evening to drop off a baby gift and we got to chatting. Pretty soon, Emmy came down the stairs to inform me that they had decorated their horse. Hmmmmm. . . that's a new one. I said goodbye to Katie and started walking up the stairs. As I got closer and closer to their room, I began to smell finger nail polish. I have NO idea where they came up with it, because I discarded any and all finger nail polish from their collection after an awful incident a while back.

They must have had a secret stash.

I opened their door to find ALL of my makeup strewn about their room, and their beautiful horse from Santa all fancied up, complete with shoes, Mardi Gras necklaces, and nail polish on her eyeballs. *SOB* I instantly said, "Girls! Do you realize that your beautiful horse is ruined?! That stuff is not going to come off!" Obviously Peyton hadn't taken that into consideration and started bawling and bawling. . . then I felt bad, so I promised I'd take her downstairs while they got ready for bed to try to fix her up.
AFTER a few pictures, of course. ;) I seriously can't be upset with something this funny. Just look at our fancy equine friend!




Oh, gosh. . . what a memory!!


Ariana said...

Would you hate me if I admitted that I laughed out loud very loudly when I saw the pictures. Even before the story! (which you told awesomely).

Don't you just love those moments when you find something destroyed in a "kid way" and you want to laugh and scream at the same time?
I'm thankful for the pictures :)

Did you get the horse decently clean or is she permanently decorated?

Tracy said...

Guess that horse is now officially a paint! Too funny!

Torey said...

We've never read the Fancy Nancy books - do we dare? :) Hope the horse cleaned up okay.

Tonya said...

I am still laughing! Aren't kids great! I love that you took the horse outside for portraits!

Becca said...

I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing at that one! Probably b/c my two year old "painted" her own fingernails yesterday and was sporting a similar look. I'd try fingernail polish remover and a magic eraser;) (magic erasers are soooo my friend --you never know what they will remove!)

marcie said...

These pictures are priceless!! Yes, the horse will never be the same again, but doesn't she look so much more interesting now? Such a magical look with that fairy wand stuck down the front of her dress...I always figure you can laugh or cry about something like this, and this is definitely a "laugh" time. Hilarious!

the_heims said...

That is too great! Poor horsie, or Santa. Guess you'll have to REALLY keep an eye on Hudson!

cherie said...

got a good laugh out of this !