Scavenger Hunt

We didn't do a whole lot for Easter this year. No family came to town nor did we venture out of Vermillion. We just kind of kept things simple and lazy and I think that probably suited everyone just fine. I did set up a scavenger hunt for the kids first thing in the morning...they had a lot of fun reading my lame rhyming clues and running around the yard (and across the street) looking for plastic eggs.
I didn't do Easter baskets either...I probably sound like a huge anti-Easter Scrooge, but I feel like people tend to go a little overboard with gift-giving on some holidays. Like Valentine's Day. Sure, I'll give the kids a little bit of candy or something, but buy them loads of gifts? No. Same goes for Easter. So they didn't get baskets stuffed with 1 pound chocolate bunnies, ribbon dancers, bubbles and toys. I'll save that for Christmas and birthdays. They did each get a new book which they were very happy about.

All in all, it was a successful little holiday at the Krogman house. Here are a few pictures from the egg hunt this morning.

 photo 042_zpsb2212dd1.jpg  photo 043_zps8ebf91f7.jpg  photo 044_zpsc4e9231f.jpg  photo 045_zps1b9eee44.jpg  photo 046_zpsb11af588.jpg  photo 047_zps4a7f8c45.jpg  photo 048_zps5d18cbe8.jpg  photo 049_zps16996045.jpg  photo 050_zps45259c88.jpg  photo 051_zps27ab02f2.jpg


Here, Fishy Fishy

Last weekend on Sunday it was HOT. Actually truly HOT outside. Hudson had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon, and they had rented a giant inflatable bouncy house for the kids to play in. When I picked him up at 4:00pm, he was just drowned in sweat and red as a tomato. He told me "My tummy kinda' hurts from all that jumping!" haha It's a shock to the system to go from below freezing to 85 degrees like that!
After the party, Calvin loaded us all up for a quick fishing trip at Cotton Park. And it was super quick because it was a bit of a fiasco ;) as most of our well-intended outings are.

But I snapped a few pictures of the merriment before the boys had had enough and wanted to go play at the nearby park.

It's been really cold again the last few days, so looking at these pictures really makes me long for the return of spring. We could possibly see 70's by this Sunday. Fingers crossed for an Easter miracle!

 photo 036_zps72f445c6.jpg  photo 037_zps35820dfe.jpg  photo 038_zps49703354.jpg  photo 040_zpsdcec0ae6.jpg  photo 039_zpsccf73402.jpg  photo 041_zps806cc7a2.jpg


Aprils Gone By

You know I love to compare photos and reminisce... And today I have no blog material but I do actually have a few minutes to sit down, so instead of trying to come up with anything new I'm just going to post a few pictures from Aprils past. I wish I had had a digital camera when Peyton was a baby, and I wish that I had the time/ambition to put all of Emmy's baby photos onto a good external hard drive (they're currently on discs)...but these are the photos that I do have quick and easy access to.

Indulge me, please, as I take a trip down memory lane :)

 photo aprils_zps1b0ecfb0.jpg


Queen of Big Ideas

Last week we had really gorgeous weather for a few consecutive days, and I wanted to take advantage of every single second of it. So on Wednesday, I loaded each of the kids' bikes plus my bike and the trailer into the back end of the pickup and hauled everyone down to Clay County Park for a trail ride and after-school picnic.
Hudson has never ridden his bike very far, but I was optimistic that he'd be able to go at least partway through the park and back. I told myself before we got going that I was NOT going to be hauling him in the bike trailer...he's just too big. And anyway, combining his too-heavy weight with Colton's substantial girth would make it really hard for me to get anywhere. He was just going to have to tough it out.
Spirits were high as we piled out of the pickup. The kids couldn't WAIT to get their bikes out and take off down the gravel path! The girls shot off like they were bursting from a cannon; I strapped Colton into the trailer; and Hudson hopped onto his bike. He tried and tried and tried some more, but he just couldn't pedal his bike on the gravel road. I kept telling him "You'll get it. Just keep trying. I won't go anywhere until you get going...just push a little harder." Meanwhile, the girls were nowhere to be seen.
Hudson got frustrated and said "This is the stupidest idea ever! I'm just going to wait in the pickup!" so....I told him to get in the trailer. Ugh. He happily abandoned his Spider Man bike and slid in next to Colton. We took off toward the girls (they had stopped about a half mile up the trail to wait for us) and then we began the 2.5-mile loop around Clay County Park.
If it had been a flat road, it would have been hard to pull those two boys. But for any Vermillion-ites who have been to that park, you know that it is anything but level ground. There are some pretty steep ascents along the way and lots of other less-menacing-looking-but-still-steep-ish hills every few yards. As such, I was having to stand up to pedal and actually tell myself out loud "You can do it! Just...keep....going!"
About halfway through the park we stopped for our picnic, and I was able to rest my legs a bit. The kids had a snack of strawberries, celery with peanut butter, air-popped popcorn, and cashews. They were so happy :) We threw rocks in the river, munched and rested, and then started off on the second leg of our trip.
Really, we were doing pretty well until we got about 3/4 of a mile away from the start. Hudson started pleading with me to stop because he wanted to get out and run instead. I asked him "Are you sure? It's quite a little ways back to the pickup and the girls are pretty far ahead of us. Can you make it that far by yourself?" He assured me that he could, so I happily allowed him out of the trailer and watched him prance away to get some exercise.
Meanwhile, Colton decided that he also needed to get out of the trailer. But he didn't want to run. No, he wanted to sit on my lap while I finished pedaling uphill, pulling an empty bike trailer behind me.
There are a lot of things I will do for that crazy baby, but holding him on my lap while I bike is NOT one of them. He was insanely pissed. He stomped around in the dirt and refused to move. He wouldn't get in the trailer; he wouldn't walk; he wouldn't do anything. He was DONE.
I begged, pleaded and threatened until finally another mom with her son happened upon us. She was carrying her son on her back and I said to her "Toddlers...huh?" She groaned and answered "Mine is six." lol Kindred spirits, she and I ;) I definitely felt for her as she hauled her giant child on her back in the heat that last half mile.
Finally I had a stroke of genius and told Colton "Oh, well. I guess it's too bad we're going to have to stay in this field tonight...we won't be able to play on the iPad." That got his attention and he finally agreed to get back in the trailer.
By the time we made it back to the pickup, the other kids were panting and totally exhausted and bickering over who would get to drink the last of the water. They were all red-faced and dying to go home. I still had to load the bikes back up into the pickup, and the whole time I worked they were squealing about the unfairness of life and how miserable and hot they were and how that excursion was SUCH a stupid idea and they were never going to do that again.
All I could think was "You ungrateful little punks...I could not agree more. Never, ever again."

Except I have stupid "brilliant" ideas all the time and I'm sure that Clay County Park will, indeed, see the Krogman Clan and their bicycles once again before summer is over ;)

 photo 020_zps02e791e6.jpg  photo 019_zps597e3027.jpg  photo 021_zps654b8286.jpg  photo 022_zps9bcf18dd.jpg  photo 023_zpse1693bd5.jpg  photo 024_zps3bece532.jpg


Mr Something-or-Other

Colton is a kid of extreme extremes. He can be the absolute sweetest little boy, charming the pants off of ladies left and right and winning people over with that dimple of his. But he can flip his switch just as easily and make me wish that I was somewhere far, far away, drugged and in a padded cell.
I'm not exaggerating.
He is truly the most difficult toddler I've ever been faced with...he can make certain days (or certain times of the day) seem absolutely impossible. I could get into stories and details, but honestly....when I'm older and I look back through my blog books, I would rather come across this entry and have those memories all be a little hazy and hard to remember ;)
I'll just post these adorable pictures and choose to remember him this way instead.

 photo 025_zps0febae53.jpg  photo 026_zps5c33ac66.jpg  photo 027_zps7be71d17.jpg  photo 028_zps474091dc.jpg  photo 029_zpsc1bf3532.jpg  photo 030_zps5adfbb76.jpg  photo 031_zps6dcdab5e.jpg  photo 032_zpsfd6cdd92.jpg  photo 033_zpsca39c215.jpg  photo 035_zps1c30593c.jpg


Something to Blog About!

It's nice! It's warm! We can be outside!

My spirits feel like they've been lifted and I've been so energized lately because SUN! There's the freaking SUN!

Sun and Vitamin D can have a huuuuuge impact on a person after months of winter gloom and cold.

I've actually had that irritating "Happy" song in my head all day. Apparently I am feeling like a room without a roof (whatever in the hell that means).

Anyway....I took the kids to a rinky-dink little park to play after school yesterday. I don't like going to the bigger/busier parks because I have four kids to keep track of and it makes me anxious trying to keep an eye on everyone when there are so many other kids running around. And Colton seems hell-bent on killing himself when we're near "big" playground equipment...

So we pulled up to this seriously ghetto park and Peyton was like "Really? This is where we're going to play?"

But I know my kids. These are the kids who will have fun with ripped up toilet paper tubes and blankets and ignore a room full of shiny new toys.

Within minutes they were all having the *best. day. EVER*

Mommy....for the win.

 photo 001_zps7d054080.jpg  photo 002_zps2de57aa3.jpg  photo 006_zps676a65f9.jpg  photo 004_zps6c1bd778.jpg  photo 005_zpsca2084a4.jpg  photo 003_zps0dc22ddf.jpg  photo 007_zps26bded02.jpg

Nobody believes me when I tell them what a demanding little turd Colton is at home. He is the champion tantrum-thrower of all four of my kids...we have multiple enormous meltdowns every single day and he's super mouthy.
So, I give you photographic proof. He's yelling at Hudson "GO AWAY!" and you can tell by the shape of his mouth/expression on his pissed-off face.

 photo 008_zpsa8240fdc.jpg  photo 009_zpse9fac9bb.jpg  photo 010_zps3022b81e.jpg  photo 011_zpsb2945d30.jpg  photo 012_zpsfddc1044.jpg  photo 013_zpsfc05fd26.jpg  photo 014_zps7f7edf11.jpg  photo 015_zpse4e5cae5.jpg  photo 016_zpsa4c50f87.jpg

Maybe I shouldn't be wearing these particular workout pants in public. Ew

 photo 017_zpsd2802371.jpg  photo 018_zpsdc9726ac.jpg